As a leading global food brand, Nestlé has been collaborating with Feeding Hong Kong to donate tasty and nutritious food to the community since 2013. Veronica Sze, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director of Nestlé Hong Kong, said that although surplus food waste is inevitable in the food industry, the company is working hard to reduce waste at source and look for viable solutions.

Veronica Sze, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director of Nestlé Hong Kong

Veronica Sze, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director of Nestlé Hong Kong

Veronica added, “Nestlé is dedicated to achieving net zero by 2050. We are focused on decreasing waste in the supply chain, procurement, and other areas. We are partnering with various organisations to donate food to suitable recipients in the community. Our goal is to support those in need while also reducing waste.”

Veronica emphasised the importance of considering shelf life when choosing which foods to donate. It’s crucial to ensure that donated food can reach the recipients before the best before or expiry dates. The company also takes into account specific beneficiaries and their nutritional needs. For instance, mashed potato and milk formula products are commonly donated to families, while coffee is delivered to other suitable individuals. Feeding Hong Kong works with various charities such as elderly centres, shelters, central kitchens, after-school programs, and community kitchens. Nestlé’s products play a crucial role in meeting the food needs of the community.

Nestlé has already donated 165 tonnes of food to Feeding Hong Kong since 2013, which is equivalent to over 300,000 meals.

Veronica said Nestlé is keen to work with organisations which have a good reputation, operate at scale and can meet the logistical needs of the company. Ensuring that the food reaches the right people is also crucial.

She added, “Feeding Hong Kong is excellent at managing logistics and can pick up items from our warehouse on time. This helps us a lot. Furthermore, Feeding Hong Kong meets our strict procedural standards and prioritises food safety, which is of utmost importance to Nestlé.”

Volunteering holds great significance for Nestlé too, as their staff actively help out at the Feeding Hong Kong warehouse. They inspect and organise food donations received from various sources, then package them ready for donation to the community.

She reiterated that Nestlé will continue their efforts to reduce waste at source and focus on improving forecasting. The company will also donate food to the community and recycle any leftover food at O Park.

Veronica stated, “We are eager to share our product knowledge and create shared value with the community, while also being open to learning from others.” Feeding Hong Kong is incredibly grateful to Nestlé for their generous contributions to the community, aiding those in need, and their dedication to promoting sustainability.

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