Celebrate Life Baptist Church – Grassroot Families Support Programme

Established in 1998, Celebrate Life Baptist Church is a registered non-profit organisation mainly serving residents in the Tsueng Kwan O District including children, families, women, elderly, and new immigrant families. Celebrate Life Baptist Church provides a range of comprehensive services to the community. On top of the Church’s ministry, other services include the EXIT social service programme; comprising: – Education and childcare services – Community services including means-tested food support – Preventive and development services including emotion and stress management, career planning, and growth peer groups – Counselling – Outreach Celebrate Life Baptist Church serves over 150 family members, mostly living in Tseung Kwan O district public housing and subdivided flats. They have been a FHK Charity Partner since 2020.

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Address: Shop 17, F/F, Commercial Centre, Fu Ning Garden No. 25 Po Ning Road Tseung Kwan O New Territories

Shop 17, F/F, Commercial Centre, Fu Ning Garden, No. 25 Po Ning Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories